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With quality patient care, clinical excellence, state of the art technology, and personal attention, Dr. Whritenour will help to make your life and relationships more fulfilling!

Dr. Kevin J. Whritenour, Audiologist

Dr. Whritenour specializes in evaluating your hearing and can help you make sure that your hearing health is sound. At Dr. Whritenour’s hearing center, we understand the challenges of those experiencing hearing loss and we are determined to improve your hearing by providing excellent and comprehensive care that you deserve.
Meet Dr. Whritenour
Dr. Kevin J. Whritenour, Audiologist
Dr. Whritenour's office

Hearing Center in Texas

Dr. Whritenour is a professionally trained audiologist and hearing aid expert, with a hearing center in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Dr. Whritenour takes pride in providing compassionate care and building long-term relationships with his patients. He takes the time to evaluate your needs and creates a solution that works best for you. After one visit to our office, you’ll see why so many people trust us with their hearing health.

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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are painless and non-invasive. Our hearing exams are specifically designed to determine how hearing loss affects your life — the first step in our better-hearing process.

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hearing aid models

Hearing Aids

Dr. Whritenour provides hearing solution recommendations to fit your lifestyle and personal needs. With our Flex Demo program, you will leave your first appointment with trial hearing devices tailored to your precise hearing needs.

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Hearing Care Resources

Hearing loss affects more than 28 million Americans, yet less than a quarter seek treatment. Dr. Whritenour takes the time to help you understand how to navigate life with hearing loss.

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Flex Demo: Try Different Levels of Technology at No Cost!

Oticon Hearing aidsWhich hearing aid works best for you? At Dr. Whritenour’s office, we take the time to assess all aspects of hearing loss in a thorough, safe environment using the latest evidence-based research. If you have a hearing loss, Dr. Whritenour can assess the extent, identify its source, and direct any needed rehabilitation.

Our Flex Demo program allows you to test drive hearing devices in real life situations, from your home to your workplace, to determine which devices work best for you. We program each level of technology for you. Test-driving hearing devices gives you the comfort of knowing you are getting the best devices for your particular hearing needs. This is a free, no cost or obligation offer. Call today, as we have a limited number of demos available.

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